2014-08-07 23:44:42 by Madnesscrazy123

Ok. Few things.

1. Sorry for inactivity, I cannot access newgrounds much because I don't have a (seemingly) infinite internet connection like most of you do.

2. I am trying make a game, Unfortunately I hit a roadblock because I am brand new to this sort of thing and < that post explains my problem.

3. Mafia Madness 4 Is still Going, It's Just on a huge haitus at the moment because I do not have a usb to move my FLA file to my animation computer. 

4. Mafia Madness 2.5 will be delayed until after MM8


6. I have steam, blud_d_mess or Madnesscrazy123 is my name there


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2014-08-08 00:37:09

Take MSGhero's advice, AS3 will be frustrating in the beginning but will save you trouble with development future issues. take his advice and make a thread in the flash forum.

Madnesscrazy123 responds:

*Sigh* well time to start the thing over again. (which luckly it isn't much) Time to search for a tutorial on how to do it in AS3. Chances are i will probably hit the exact same roadblock.


2014-08-08 01:04:29

in my experience, it's all about hitting roadblocks.


2014-08-08 14:14:44

I had some several roadblocks on my way when I was making Madness Customization, and hopefully I could "half-finish" it for MD13, however it's still half-finished xD
Also, looking forward to the new movies :)